Sunday, April 22, 2012

So, the giraffe would be in the frogged pile if it wasn't for Amber's little girl and the deadline wasn't pressing in on me.  The baby shower is next weekend!!!!   Amber's been so sweet about being excited about it.  She said this giraffe would be one of the few things to come to the hospital when the baby comes, so I gotta get the move on.  My biggest hangup has been the eyes.  I was sick last weekend, so I took the opportunity to work on it.  I decided to forget about my fancy eyes idea and just stick with the pattern.  I got myself in trouble because I had decided to make eye sockets just like when I made the t-rex.

Big mistake. I made the sockets sit too high! I tried to pull the stitch out, but it couldn't be undone without cutting a hole in the right side.  Now I had a hole to patch.  I patched it with yellow yarn, then took that out and tried patching with brown and making that into one of the brown spots that will be on the giraffe anyway.  Nope.  Looked like a black eye.  Then I thought about just covering it with an eye.  .  . Couldn't make it work.  When I decided to go back on pattern and make the eyes the way it said to, I sewed them high to cover that hole.  The result looked good in real life, so I took a picture.

The picture showed me that the eyes were too high.  It also highlighted how messy the points of light looked.    I kind of shot myself in the foot with the muzzle too.  When I was in the process of making the muzzle, I decided it would look smoother if I made the color transition before the end so it wouldn't be so abrupt.  

The end result wasn't as clean as I wanted.  The line ended up uneven and jagged.  I also fixed it so the original eyelids from the pattern wouldn't work anymore because they are meant to be the same color as the muzzle and just blend into it.

So!  I took the muzzle off and completed it in brown all the way.  I took off the eyes and cut out the white points of light.  Then I took the most risky step yet.  I pulled on a string from the hole in the head and took off the top of her head.  (Side note, it would be cool someday to make a stuffed animal with a head that unzips so you can take out or at least see its brains.  Ha!)  I tried repairing it without a trace, but now there is a huge seam where the hole was.  
It's just going to have to be good enough.  I don't have the time to start over from scratch.  Below is a pic of the eyes from the original pattern without the points of light.  They look better sitting lower.  I made a set of purple eyelids and a set of brown, but neither look right.  

I purchased the ostrich pattern so that I can try the eyes.  I'll it soon.  In the meantime, I'm making the legs.  It's slow going and I have to try and get this done by Friday!!!