Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's not Knitting! It's Crochet!

People who aren't a part of the fiber arts world often mistake knitting for crochet. One of my favorite examples came in the form of a gentle chastisement from my manager at work. She left a friendly reminder on the refrigerator at the coffee shop where I am employed that there are any number of side jobs we could be doing instead of sitting around, reading, playing board games, or knitting. This last reference was pointed directly at me since none of my coworkers had picked up any knitting needles to my knowledge in the past. So I wrote a note and attached it to her note. "It's not knitting! It's Crochet!" I hope she didn't take offense. . . .

My obsession with crochet started during Christmas Break my first year back in college. I was home with nothing to do, so I got it in my head that I would learn to crochet. I had picked up knitting a few years earlier, but had lost interest because it's HARD. I decided to try crochet mostly because it looked a lot easier. I never thought I liked the look of it as much as knitting, but as time went on and I learned different techniques and uses for the craft, I fell in love.

I usually only crochet during school breaks since my brain is usually fried and all I really want to do at the end of my day is sit and watch t.v. or hang out with my boyfriend. School breaks are my time to shine (crochet wise, that is).

I have not attempted clothes as of yet. I'm nervous about becoming one of those people who make crochet sweaters for their friends as Christmas gifts. My main passions started with scarves, moved to Amigurumi, and now have settled in the Afghan realm. I will probably revisit the Amigurumi for the sake of my classroom. Those will come in handy. I actually made the bunny who now stars in my Rabbit Files blog. He took almost no time at all to make. I'll post pictures of my crochet adventures in the future, but for now, I'm Katie and I don't knit, I crochet.

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