Monday, June 15, 2009

The magical world of Crocheting in the Round

Not long after finishing the Christmas scarves, I was understandably bored with crocheting in rows. It seemed to take forever to get something that looked like I accomplished anything. Imagine how excited I was to start doing granny squares!

This opened me up to a whole new world, Amigurumi!!! For anyone who doesn't know, Amigurumi is the Japanese art of making super cute pointless things with crochet like animals, vegetables, sushi, dishes, and such. Look it up. They are pretty cute. My first amigurumi attempt was the lion brand best bunny pattern

In retrospect, I wouldn't stuff him so full if I did him again, but I loved the way he turned out. Instead of counting rows on his ears and making sure that the tan parts are even, I purposefully made a bigger tan portion on one ear than the other. I also decided to make a little shirt and scarf for him. I loved how I could sew the ends into the body of this little guy. So easy! It took me exactly no time to do it. I used the stiffer Sugar 'n Spice yarn for him and I'm really happy with him.

I burned myself out on the next little guy I attempted. Someone asked me to make a lion and I found this great yarn for a mane on sale at Wal-mart that I couldn't pass up. I made the lion head and tied on each strand for the mane. The turnout was awesome, but man, it took forever. I never ended up finishing him. He's just a head and a body with no arms, legs, or a tail. Poor guy. I should fish him out of my stuff and finish him for someone. I wanted to tame all that hair with a barrett and make it a pretty little girl lion, but girl lions don't have manes, so I was at a loss.

Apparently I don't have a picture of the lion so far. I'll have to get that later. I used the Sugar 'n Spice yarn for this one, too. I'm not sure I had a specific pattern for this guy. I think I used the same Best Bunny pattern for the whole of him and kind of made up the muzzle on my own.

I know I actually only made one and a half, but I feel like my amigurumi phase lasted much longer than it did. I bought lots of books and researched them online for so long, I have projects in my head that feel like they're real, even though they aren't.

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