Friday, June 19, 2009

Look Mom! I'm a 15 minute Internet Star!

So. . .I've been reading other crochet blogs and have found that people often move away from the main topic to digress, and I feel like digressing. Here we go.

Teen Sues Tattoo Artist for an Allegedly Botched Tattoo

Not so long story even less long: 18 year old goes in for a tattoo. She says she wanted three stars by her eye, fell asleep while the tattoo artist was carving into her tender flesh, and when she woke up, she had 56 stars. The artist said she wanted all of the stars and loved it until she went home and got the opinion of her father and brother. He even has a witness that she loved it. I mean seriously, someone is tattooing you in the face and you fall asleep? Really? She said she woke up when he was working on her nose and was appalled at what she saw. Really? You didn't feel the jawline being done Right on the bone? And the temple? That escaped your notice?

Still the tattoo artist was generous enough to offer paying for half of the laser removal. Top notch, if you ask me. She is suing for the whole amount plus damages. Get over it. You're 18 now and legally able to make life changing adult decisions. Time to learn what it means to step up and take ownership of those decisions.

Side note. This is the guy that tattooed her.

Make your own side comments and leave them here, plz :)

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